Cardiovascular Technologist Job Description

Death because of Cardiovascular disease is increasing.  In every 39 seconds, one American dies from this disease. According to the association of American heart death related to Cardiovascular declined by 30.6% from 1998 to 2008.

Medical science has improved now and the early detection of the disease has helped to identify the initial stage and provide best treatment for that.

Job of a cardiovascular technologist is analyzing the complications with the blood vessel system, helping monitor, assisting hear surgeons etc.

Although few people are still dying from cardiovascular disease. Because uses of cigarette, genetic problem etc.  So demand of cardiovascular technologist is increasing. According to the official report the project for cardiovascular technologist is increased by 29%.

Working of Cardiovascular technologist: -

Cardiovascular technologist is person who assists doctors in analyzing the problems with CVD disease.

Duties of cardiovascular technologist are:-

  • Catheter tube insertion through the artery of the patients
  • Echo-cardiograms

Job fields for cardiovascular technologist:-

  1. Cardiology Technologist: – Work of Cardiology technologist is to assist physicians in analyzing heart related problem. Cardiac catheterizations are performed by the cardiology technologist, monitoring blood pressure, heart pulse, and ultrasound, conduct EKGs, monitor patients for the observation.
  2. Vascular Technologist: – Work of Vascular technologist is to diagnose the problems and disease associated with the vascular system. Healthcare team without vascular technologist is incomplete.

Duties of vascular technologists are :-

  • Ultrasounds of patients for checking the level of blood pressure
  • Oxygen saturation for blood.

All these duties take place during or just after the surgery.

3. Cardiac Sonographers: – Work of Cardiac Sonographers is to perform ECHOs.

Cardiovascular technologists Typical Duties:-

  1. Meeting with the patients. Explain all the detail about the treatment.
  2. Analyzing all the record after performing ultrasound of vascular and cardiac.
  3. Assisting doctors with all the procedure.
  4. Monitoring the blood pressure, heart pluses of the patients.
  5. Managing all the cardiovascular  equipment
  6. Sharing all the diagnosed result with the all team of healthcare.
  7. Updating and recording all the diagnosed information about the patients.

Terms used by Cardiovascular technologists

  1. ECHO :- Echo-cardiogram
  2. EKG:-Electro-cardiogram
  3. Holter-Monitor: – Patient’s heart pulse is record by the holter monitor with the help of “stress test”
  4. Catheterization: – These cardiac catheterizations is used as tube and fed through Patients artery.
  5. Mainly it is used for finding out the blockages in blood vessels near to the heart
  6. Pacemaker: – It is used to regulate patient’s heart pulse.

Cardiovascular technologist can easily make approx 50,000$ P/A.


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